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Sites and Soils

Nussbrunnen VDP.GROSSE LAGE®
The Nussbrunnen in Hattenheim, a south-southeast facing vineyard, gets its name from a s...


The term Terroir…tasting the origin
Provenance is very important and traditional for German and European wines. In recent years, German wine growers have begun to use ...

Vintage Report

Climate change is noticeably and the extremes are increasing – this became clear again in 2017 and has demanded a lot of work and effort.

An already warm and very dry winter led through a warm February and March to one of the earliest shoots since record. And it is precisely these early shoots that are endangered by late frosts over a fairly long period – up to the time of the Eisheiligen at the beginning of May.

In 2017, exactly this happened nationwide at the end of April and indeed throughout Europe and the Rheingau has also been affected. Fortunately, there was no total failure, but in certain cold areas 50% of the young shoots were certainly frozen. Although new shoots grow, these are not as fertile as the first.

As a result of the cold, the vines were in some kind of shock for some time ...