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Sites and Soils

Nussbrunnen VDP.GROSSE LAGE®
The Nussbrunnen in Hattenheim, a south-southeast facing vineyard, gets its name from a s...


The term Terroir…tasting the origin
Provenance is very important and traditional for German and European wines. In recent years, German wine growers have begun to use ...

Vintage Report

The year 2016 will go down in history as a year of extremes with a wonderful happy ending.

A (again) much too warm winter but a relatively cool March led to a relatively normal budbreak of the vines in late April.At the beginning of May it was a bit unpleasant, when we had night-time late frosts, which did not add any significant damage here in the Rheingau – totally different in other regions in Europe,where many wine producer had to experience almost a total loss.

Also in May, a hailstorm drew across the western part of Hallgarten, where also our Sauvignon Blanc, our best Spätburgunder area was affected. This unfortunately had the consequence that hardly any grapes were harvested in this Spätburgunder parcel. Stressful was the development from the end of May, as there were strong, hourly recurring...