are good, entry-level wines in the VDP’s hierarchy that inherently links wine quality with origin. The wines originate from an estate’s holdings within a region, and they meet the stringent standards prescribed by the VDP.


2016 Riesling  Quality wine dry

Deutscher Qualitätswein


Alc: 12,0 %Vol.   Rs: 8,2 g/l    Acidity: 7,1 g/l

A fresh, stimulating introduction into Georg Müller Stiftung’s world of Riesling. A lighthearted wine for everyday drinking pleasure

Also in this range
Also in this range
2016 Roter Riesling feinherb (off-dry)

Deutscher Qualitätswein

Alc: 12,0 %Vol., Rs: 15,2 g/l, Acidity: 7,3 g/l

A mutation of white Riesling, in the vineyard clearly visible at the reddish peel colour. Similar in character of the white Riesling, the red Riesling shows extremely more spicy and herbaceous aromas. The harmonious residual sugar in combination with the animated acidity enter into an invigorating, tasteful connection.

2016 Roter Riesling trocken (dry)

Deutscher Qualitätswein

Alc: 12,5 %Vol., Rs: 8,5 g/l, Acidity: 6,8 g/l

The “old” original version of Riesling. Especially the 2015 vintage shows the considerable difference between white and red Riesling. The red one has extremely more spicy-herbal aromas, firm structure and beautiful flow.

2016 „Edition PW“ Spätburgunder Rosé dry

Deutscher Qualitätswein

Alc: 13 %Vol., Rs: 5,6 g/l, Acidity: 6,4 g/l

A classy, “serious” rosé with fresh aromas of strawberry and other red fruit, and a fascinating mouthfeel.

2016 “Villa Wilhelmj” Riesling trocken (dry)

Deutscher Qualitätswein

Alc: 13 %Vol., Rs: 7,1 g/l, Acidity: 6,8 g/l

Riesling wines stored on fine yeast until early summer, both stainless steel and traditional barrel, give a strong, fruity-earthy Riesling experience.

2016 “Swedish Summer” dry

Deutscher Qualitätswein

Alc: 11,5 %Vol., Rs: 6,0g/l, Acidity: 6,5g/l

A modern fresh summer wine and totally unusual for the Riesling region Rheingau. The characters of each vine bundled in one wine – light and stimulating, uncomplicated.