designates first-class vineyards with distinctive characteristics. They provide optimal growing conditions, as evidenced over a long period of time.

They are planted with traditional varieties, as determined by each region.

A dry wine from a VDP. ERSTE LAGE is labeled “Qualitätswein trocken.” A wine with natural, ripe sweetness from a VDP. ERSTE LAGE is labeled with one of the traditional Prädikats: Kabinett, Spätlese, Auslese, Beerenauslese, Eiswein or Trockenbeerenauslese.


2015 Hattenheimer Schützenhaus
Riesling trocken (dry)

Deutscher Qualitätswein


Alc: 13,5 %Vol., Rs: 5,0 g/l, Acidity: 8,6 g/l

This Riesling comes from the heart of the Schützenhaus site, a vineyard in which grapes ripen earlier than elsewhere and yields small, loose clusters of berries. A true model of a traditional, dry Rheingau Riesling. A worthy successor of the two winner vintages 2013 and 2014, awarded by Mundus Vini as “Best dry Riesling”. Classic dry, expressive Rheingau Riesling with strenght and opulence.

Also in this range
Also in this range
2016 Oestricher Klosterberg Riesling dry

Deutscher Qualitätswein

Alc: 12,5 %Vol., Rs: 7,8g/l, Acidity: 8,8g/l

The Oestricher Klosterberg, situated near the edge of the forest, grows under the influence of cool microclimate because of the higher position away from the Rhein river. This Riesling fascinates with very clear, soft exotic fruit with elegance.

2014 Hattenheimer Engelmannsberg Spätburgunder trocken (dry)

Deutscher Qualitätswein

Alc: 14,0% Vol., Rs: 1,6 g/l, Acidity: 5,7 g/l

One of our best sites for Pinot Noir. Highly complexe nose, deep and full-bodied, elegant and spicy this prime wine presents itself. Only very small harvest build the basis for this concentrated Pinot Noir.

2011 Hattenheimer Schützenhaus Riesling Trockenbeerenauslese

Deutscher Prädikatswein

Alc: 8,5 %Vol., Rs: 247g/l, Acidity: 9,4g/l

This is Riesling at its finest. At the 2013 International Riesling Challenge in Canberra, it was named the “Best Riesling of the World.” It shows the ultimate potential of a lusciously sweet Riesling. Full-bodied, with a balanced acidity structure that lends it freshness. Tremendous longevity: a wine that will keep for a century or longer.

2015 Hattenheimer Engelmannsberg Riesling off-dry

Deutscher Qualitätswein

Alc: 12,5 %Vol., Rs: 12.1g/l, Acidity: 9,0g/l

Engelmannsberg always brings very flowery-fruity wines, which fit perfectly into the group of off-dry. A percentage of 5-10 % of noble rot berries spends additionally filling to the wine.

2015 Hattenheimer Schützenhaus Riesling Kabinett off-dry

Deutscher Prädikatswein

Alc: 11,5 %Vol., Rs: 13,8 g/l, Acidity: 9,1 g/l

Our customers’ favorite wine. Off-dry and low in alcohol, it shows a graceful, balanced play of sweetness and acidity. A wine for nearly all occasions. It goes especially well with Asian cuisine.