2015 Auxerrois trocken (dry)

Deutscher Qualitätswein

Alc: 13,5 %Vol, Rs: 2,6g/l, Acidity: 5,6g/l

Untypical but exciting Burgundy grape variety from the Rheingau. Gently harvested by hand, macerations, fermentation in French barriques with 10 month storage matured on full yeast. Many flavours between flowery, herbal and fruity, creamy fine and elegant. A perfekt match for dinner.

Also in this range
Also in this range
2013 WISSELBRUNNEN Riesling trocken (dry)

Deutscher Qualitätswein

Alc: 13,0 %Vol., Rs: 5,5g/l, Acidity: 7,6g/l

Our estate’s most filigree wines are produced from grapes grown in the top site Wisselbrunnen. Year for year it brings forth aromatic grapes that are inherent to fine, elegant Riesling wines. This is a rather subtle example, at one with itself. Full-bodied. Long finish.

2012 „Baby“ Müller-Thurgau trocken (dry)

Deutscher Qualitätswein

Alc: 13,5 %Vol., Rs: 1,5g/l, Acidity: 6,6g/l

Absolutely atypical and certainly unique: as a sweet wine “misunderstood,” but here, a dry Müller-Thurgau vinified in a small barrique cask. Only one barrel per year. The variety’s typical muscat aromas are perceptible, enveloped by the strength imparted by wood. It’s a terrific wine with food and definitely an experience not to be missed.

2014 Hattenheimer Hassel Riesling Kabinett trocken (dry)

Deutscher Prädikatswein

Alc: 11,5 %Vol., Rs: 8,9g/l, Acidity: 8,9g/l

A traditional style light Kabinett. Flowery and delicate on the nose, with ripe, Rheingau vineyard peach notes.