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Sites and Soils

Nussbrunnen VDP.GROSSE LAGE®
The Nussbrunnen in Hattenheim, a south-southeast facing vineyard, gets its name from a s...


The term Terroir…tasting the origin
Provenance is very important and traditional for German and European wines. In recent years, German wine growers have begun to use ...

Vintage Report

After the very dry year 2018, we were excited to see how things would go in 2019. Surprisingly, it got very cool in January and the cold weather persisted for a few weeks. However, it didn’t rain much.

From March onwards, nature slowly woke up, which ultimately led to a somewhat premature budding in mid-April. Until the Ice-Saints, there were still a couple of weeks to worry about whether late frosts would damage the sensitive shoots again, but luckily there were no major problems. Surprisingly, May was quite cold and slowed the vine development, which delayed the important flowering until mid-June.

In midsummer there were two large heat waves, some of which brought the Rheingau above 40 ° C for days.

Interestingly, we didn’t have any major drought problems in the middle of the Rheingau, but t...