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Sites and Soils

Nussbrunnen VDP.GROSSE LAGE®
The Nussbrunnen in Hattenheim, a south-southeast facing vineyard, gets its name from a s...


The term Terroir…tasting the origin
Provenance is very important and traditional for German and European wines. In recent years, German wine growers have begun to use ...

Vintage Report

The 2018 vintage will be memorable … but let’s start at the beginning.

After a really cool and wet winter with two floods in the Rhine, the spring began leisurely. Unlike in previous years, the sprouting of the vines was almost at the end of April, which has been “normal” over the last 30 years – but what is already normal in times of climate change?

However, from the end of April it was and remained very warm, so that the evelopment of the vines was very quick and we were already in late May – almost 3 weeks before the 30-year average values ​​- allowed to observe flowering.Everyone will remember the “dream summer” of 2018 – it was warm, partly hot and very dry! The dryness left us completely relaxed about plant protection. The growth was quite even a...