The goal is to produce top-quality wines while respecting the environment, culture and fellow human beings.

In viniculture and winemaking the choice between the simpler way and the better way is unknown. Every opportunity to improve the quality of the wine is taken; every decision is made solely with the quality of the wine in mind and every effort is made to protect the product. To reach this quality goal any kind of instrument used is appropriate, “traditional” or “modern” techniques.

In the vineyard

Oenology_4The goal is to use all available methods to create optimum harmony between the vine and its natural and cultivated environment.

The best way to achieve this goal is to do everything by hand so as to optimise quality. Professional grapevine pruning, the early removal of eyes, targeted defoliation and thinning significantly reduce quantities, which greatly increases the intensity of the aroma and the natural sweetness through a much improved leaf to fruit ratio.

Soil management is based exclusively on an ecological approach. Fertilisers are avoided through the targeted use of special herbs.

In the cellar

The goal is to retain the quality achieved in the vineyard and the resulting aromas through good cellar management.
Riesling production is carried out in individually temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks as well as in barrels of oak. The red wines are matured in barrique barrels, made of French oak.

It is important to protect the product by ensuring cool fermenting temperatures, avoiding unnecessary pumping and, first and foremost, by using the force of gravity. The result of these efforts is an emphasis on the soil and the cultivation of the special characteristics of this natural product.