are good, entry-level wines in the VDP’s hierarchy that inherently links wine quality with origin. The wines originate from an estate’s holdings within a region, and they meet the stringent standards prescribed by the VDP.


2017 Riesling  Quality wine dry

Deutscher Qualitätswein


Alc: 12,0 %Vol.   Rs: 7,6 g/l    Acidity: 8,3 g/l

A fresh, stimulating introduction into Georg Müller Stiftung’s world of Riesling. A lighthearted wine for everyday drinking pleasure

Also in this range
Also in this range
2016 Riesling sweet

Deutscher Qualitätswein

Alc: 10,5 %Vol., Rs: 41,2 g/l, Acidity: 8,2 g/l

A juicy and very animating wine. Aromas of green apple and citrus fruits.

2017 „Edition PW“ Spätburgunder Rosé dry

Deutscher Qualitätswein

Alc: 12 %Vol., Rs: 6,4 g/l, Acidity: 8,2 g/l

A classy, “serious” rosé with fresh aromas of strawberry and other red fruit, and a fascinating mouthfeel.

2016 “Art Edition” Riesling trocken (dry)

Deutscher Qualitätswein

Alc: 13 %Vol., Rs: 7,6 g/l, Acidity: 7,7 g/l

Together with this Rheingau Riesling we have created a unique wine artwork. The wine is distinguished by its delicate exotic fruit flavors and the delicate structure, which in a pleasurable way accentuate the visual interpretations of the internationally known artist, José de Guimarães.

2017 “Swedish Summer” dry

Deutscher Qualitätswein

Alc: 11,5 %Vol., Rs: 6,0g/l, Acidity: 6,5g/l

A modern fresh summer wine and totally unusual for the Riesling region Rheingau. The characters of each vine bundled in one wine – light and stimulating, uncomplicated.